Establishing a high performance system to provide the industrial project’s requirements is our main goal in Jahan Gostar group. In accordance to necessary standards of Iran’s traditional market, buying these kinds of requirements has many problems, which the most important one is to understand the technical language between both sides. The technical language is the first need of projects and industries but the traditional market system which only concentrates on the market data and selling the goods, cannot answer to this need.

Our policy as a trading company is developing the commerce section all over the world especially in I.R.IRAN. These outlines include below headlines but not limited to:

1. provide trustful and qualified sources all over the world

2. Meet the end user requirements and declining project costs by selecting proper product with competent price and reasonable delivery time.

3. Establish effective connection with the clients and the manufacturers.

4. Employ the experts for our company and keep them promoting on their skills.

We are responsible to talk to customers by standard language and representing them reliable documents and certificates in accordance of the goods and their desire.

Besides, we pay much attention to the highest quality, lowest final price and most suitable time according to the project dead line to make the customer satisfied finally and we are responsible for the following items in addition of selling goods to online projects:

  1. Finding suitable budget prices for approach of clients and contractors to have good contracts between.
  2. Helping to find if the goods are available in the internal market or not.
  3. Helping to replace the best alternative for the unavailable products in internal market, if possible.
  4. Helping to know possibility of replacing goods or standards of a package which should be available in market and also will reduce the expenses extremely.
  5. We are able to offer Competitive Prices from all well-known manufactures in local and foreign places.
  6. Selling and contracting in Rial, for the unavailable goods in internal market in min. time, and also importing and delivering to any part of country.
  7. Possibility of contracting to provide project’s requirements by receiving some amount of commission fee with both side agreements.
  8. Possibility of participating in turns key projects and doing procurements as an EPC group.